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Shop & Portable Welding Services

Steel & Pipe Fabrication

Machinery Repairs & General Machine Shop Service

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Shop and Portable Welding & Fabrication Services

Conforming to industry standards (AWS - ASME - API - AWWA)

Meeting weld quality through QC inspections by CWI personnel 

 - Pipe Welding & Fabrication: 

     <petro-chemical, nuclear & conventional power piping, natural gas & water pipeline, food & beverage, refrigeration and other industrial process piping>


   - Structural Fabrication:

        <Non-tubular (plate, welded members, I beams) & tubular (pipe, round tube & box tubing) T, Y & K Certified Welders>

      - Stainless Steel Sheet Metal:

           <Commercial Kitchen Repairs & Fabrication>


          - Custom Welding and Fabrication:

               <specialty trailers, construction equipment attachments>(you name it, we'll build it - you design it or we'll design it)

             - Construction Equipment & Industrial Machinery:

                 <repairs, improvement, alteration & modification of OEM parts> (Caterpillar, John Deer, Case, Hyundai, Komatsu, etc.)


                 - Transport Trailer / Equipment Hauler:

                     <repairs & modifications> (Murray, Cozad, Trail King, Aspen, etc)

                     - Aluminum Fabrication:

                       <structural & architechtural fabrication, components for electrical sub-stations, aluminum frames & cabinets, etc>

                          - Aluminum Repairs:

                           <aluminum alloy wheels, motorcycle frames & components, etc>


And Much More...

If it's made of metal we'll fix it, cut it, fab it, weld it, and if we have to we'll design it or re-design it.

Business Owner is a Certified Pipe & Structural Welder, first certified in 1976, in business & welding since 1975, with a successful 38 year career in welding, a "Real Pro" & still going strong!

"Let us show you how it's done"

All Common Welding Processes          All Commercial Metals


- SMAW          Stick                         - Steel (Carbon and Low Alloy Steels)

     - GMAW           Mig                          - Stainless Steel

          - FCAW           Flux Core                 - Aluminum

               - GTAW           Tig                            -Titanium


For more information call (951) 536-3809 or contact us